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Book of Remembrance 2020- 5781

These pages are dedicated to the memory of our beloved departed as a symbol of the important role
they continue to play in our lives.  We have been enriched by them and so blessed by their example
that courage is given to us to go forward. 

May they rest in peace and may we prove ourselves worthy of their love for us
and equal to their sacrifice, devotion and ideals.


In memory of those who died during the past year.

Ada Barach
Sid Brottman
Joan Crancer

Alan D'Alba
Arline Doblin
Ben Emanuel
Bernard Feig
Burt Feingold
Toby Frankel

Andres Hajnal
Roselle Hechter
Gary Kurland
Nancy Leviton
Clarice Lifson
Linda A. Link
Lisa Mehler Cohen
Richard Neustadt
Howard Preis
Payah Prochovnick
Annice Silberberg
Adam Silver
Al Star
Charlotte Steinberg
Ronald Strauss

Seena Swibel
Beverly Temkin
Sherwyn Warren
Burton Weisberg
Martin Weisberg
Benjamin Wlodawski


The entire Am Yisrael community remembers ...

Our Founding Rabbi and his wife
Rabbi William Frankel
Toby Frankel 

Past Presidents
David Brown
Ray Cohen
David Gomberg
Aaron Schmidt
Al Star
Arthur Weil 

Former Cantor
Herman Goodman

Those who were instrumental in the construction of our buildings 
Ray Cohen
Joe Freed
Sylvan Ziven

Former Teachers
Erica Brief
Judy Grossbard


-All the victims of COVID19

-The victims of Tree of life or L'Simcha Congregation and Chabad of Poway Synagogue

-The victims of suicide bombers and other acts of terrorism the world over.

-All the victims of terrorism, September 11, 2001 


We Lovingly Remember...

Jeffrey Adatto, Leon Adatto, Sophie Adatto, Hyman Heackley,
Hilda Heackley, Lorraine Weis, Corinne Adatto.
Remembered by
Tobey and Jack Adatto


Albert Parker, Bessie Parker, Saul Abrams, Evelyn Abrams

Remembered by
Myrna and Lee Abrams


Margaret McLeod, Barbara and Hershel Alpert, Rose and George Alpert,
Mildred and Fred Weiss, Beverly and Sanford Goldstein

Remembered by
Beth, Amanda and Laura Alpert


Harold Appel, Charles Sheinin, Dina Friedman

Remembered by
The Appel and Sheinin Families


Irving Gold, Birdie Gold

Remembered by
Francie Stavish and Jessica, Kevin, Derek, Mackenzie and Logan Ball


Joe Barach, Ada Barach, Beverly Jawitz, Lawrence Brenner

Remembered by
Karen Shankman and Penny Brown


Louis Benenson, Bella Benenson, David M. Benenson

Remembered by 
Patricia Benenson


Helen and Melvin Berholtz

Remembered by
their children and grandchildren


Marvin Bernstein, Rose Kenigsberg, Solomon Kenigsberg, Lawrence Kell

Remembered by
Hope Bernstein


Ernest Einhorn, June Bleiweis, Sol Bleiweis, Netti Bleiweis,
Herman Bleiweis, Minnie Shalowitz, Harry Shalowitz

Remembered by
Jeff, Melissa, Jessica and Jacob Bleiweis


Abel Brener, Nacha Brener, Reuben Leiderman, Ruth Leiderman

Remembered by
Leiderman/Brener Family


Martin Blonder, Paul Seligman, Margot Seligman Herz, Regina Heimbach,
Bernhard Heimbach, Betty Blonder Levin, Edwin Blonder

Remembered by
Ruth Blonder


Genya Brodkin

Remembered by
Inna and Oleg Brodkin


Sidney and Edna Miller, Harvey and Leona Cahn, Carl Cahn, Alvin Ruben, Pearl Gordon

Remembered by
Benita, Louis Cahn, Roberta Miller Ruben


Harry Carmel, Mae Carmel, Shoshana Miriam Carmel, Isadore Nathans, Mina Nathans

Remembered by
Arnold and Judy Carmel


Aenne Schoeman, Fred Schoeman, Ruth Ciocci, George Ciocci

Remembered by
Your children and grandchildren forever


Barbara J. Cohen, Robert J. Cohen

Remembered by
Amy and Adam


Ray Jeffrey Cohen

Remembered by
Marilyn , Laura, Sheryl and Melanie


Steven Teitelbaum

Remembered by
Merle, Sam, Josh and Danny Cowin


Alan D'Alba, Louis D’Alba, Esther D’Alba

Remembered by
Merle D’Alba and Family


Paul Davis

Remembered by
Adam, Elizabeth, Erin and Allie Davis


Dr. Samuel DeNosaquo, William Jacobson

Remembered by
Loving wife and sister Deena


Phillip Zeidman

Remembered by
Alex, Melissa, Landon and Lyla Drapatsky


Barry Alan Duberchin, Marsha Sue Sangster, Bernice and Harry Weinstein, Avrahm Stampfer

Remembered by
Gail Duberchin and Kadmiel Stampfer


Arnold Dworkin

Remembered by
Sheryl Dworkin


Debbie Levin, Sophie Steinlauf,  Fred Steinlauf, Leonard Edwards,
Gloria Edwards, Donald Cohn, 
Charlotte Steinberg

Remembered by
Tobi and Martin Edwards


Bertha Esrig, Meyer Hirst, Ruth Hirst, Donald Esrig,
Betty Thorne, Irma Sostheim Thorne, William Thorne

Remembered by
Debbie Thorne and Jerry Esrig


Evelyn Cohen,  Dr. Meyer Cohen, Shirley Feig, Joseph Feig

Remembered by
Meredith and Marvin Feig


Debra Hochman Feiger

Remembered by
Jordan, Josh, Daniel, Jillian and Devyn


Elaine Thomas, Sherwood Thomas, Frances Ferencz, Albert Ferencz

Remembered by
Barbara Thomas Ferencz and Glenn Ferencz and Family


Bruce Finder, Charlotte Finder, Ruth Storck, Bernard Storck

Remembered by
Your loving family


Ralph Fineberg, Serena Fineberg, Lawrence Starr, Loris Starr

Remembered by
Stuart and Janis Fineberg and Family


Joel Freimuth, Sharon Sager Freimuth, Joy Sager

Remembered by
Kyle, Wendy, Ariana and Zack Freimuth


Joanne Ochman Weinberg

Remembered by
Laura, Jay, Ilana and Kira Friedel, Mark Weinberg, Debbie Weinberg and Joshua Holmes


Jeremy Kramer

Remembered by
Aryn, Teddy, Gabi and Sammy Froum


Michael Gantwerker, Morris, Lillian, Robin Beth Cipinko

Remembered by
Sherry Gantwerker


Philip Garoon, Ilene Garoon

Remembered by
Lisa Garoon, Rachel Garoon and Isaac Weiss


Barbara F. Newman, Lisa J. N. Rubens, Alan M. Newman, Barbara Gerbie, Albert Gerbie

Remembered by
Ralph and Jody Gerbie


Frieda and Sol Stolowich

Remembered by
Joan Gestrin


Dina Mead, Susan Golomb, Veniamin Golomb, Samuil Ginburg, Adassa Forshter, Simon Ginburg

Remembered by
Vera Ginburg and Family


Harriet and Sheldon Goldberg, Al and Dorothy Kling, Bruce Goldberg

Remembered by
Alan Goldberg, Beth Kling and Family


Sol and Doris Goldberg, Benjamin and Elsie Levin

Remembered by
Harlan and Dale Goldberg and Family


Stephen David Richek, Jean Geberer Richek, Seymour Richek

Remembered by
Peggy Richek Goldberg and Perry Goldberg


Barry L. Gordon

Remembered by
Janice Gordon


Richard E. Nathan, Clara Charlat, Joseph Charlat, 
Rhoda Nathan, Dave Nathan, Michael H. Greenberg

Remembered by
The Greenberg, Danahy and Solomon Families


Herb Grey, Saul Pearl, Dorothy Pearl

Remembered by
Shirley Grey


Dr. Chaitan Prakash Gupta, Robert Allen Skyer, Mary Windle Skyer, Sally Skyer

Remembered by
Dr. Vipin P. Gupta and Mrs. Susannah Skyer Gupta


Steven Arnold, Ted Fox

Remembered by
Karen Arnold-Hammond


Sherwin Hara

Remembered by
Harvey and Joan Hara


Miriam P. Harris

Remembered by
Milton Harris


William S. Cohen

Remembered by
Nancy Himmelfarb


Debra Hochman Feiger, Rose and Edward Hochman, Sara and Albert Cremer,  Esther Francis

Remembered by
Carole and Larry Hochman and Family


Samuel and Sylvia Hoffman, Robert Perelman, Robert Ackerman, Janet Kern

Remembered by
Aaron Hoffman and Sarah Perelman Hoffman


Roz Rosenblatt, Harvey Rosenblatt

Remembered by
Donna, Aaron, Jonathan, Elana and Alexa Horowitz 


Arnold Reinglass, Ida Slovin, Sol Slovin, Marion Horton,
Leonard Horton, Louis Sorkin, Evelyn Sorkin

Remembered by
Tami, Randy, Shula, Ezra and Namah Horton


Herbert Gottesman, Selma Gottesman, Robert Komie

Remembered by
Karen Jaffe


Charles Justman, Annabelle Justman, Hilbert Sosin, Jean Sosin

Remembered by
Steven and Gayle Justman


Janet Newman, Charlotte Kamin, Sheldon Kamin

Remembered by
Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin, Daniel Kamin, Shai, Sahar Segal, Zachary and Charlotte Kamin


Judith Fried, Muriel Weininger

Remembered by
Jenny, Michael, Jacob, Ava and Lyla Kelber


Alan Stein, Sheldon Legator

Remembered by
Mona and Saul Legator and Family


Jack B. Lehmann, Beatrice Rogers, Sidney Rogers, Bruce N. Lehmann

Remembered by
Teri Lehmann


Alfred A. Levin

Remembered by
Judy Levin and Family


Laura Gertzfeld, Lester and Pauline Levy, Helen Jaman, Noreen Gerson

Remembered by
Julie, Alan, Eli and Maya Levy


Ronald S. Lieber, Adam Kreiger, Michael Kreiger

Remembered by
Rebecca, Michael, Evan, Sarah and Reece Lieber


Sylvia Lifchez, Zack Lifchez

Remembered by
Aaron and Roberta Lifchez


Hirsch and Lois Graff

Remembered by
Jan and Jerry Loew and Family


Kurt and Gretl Loewenthal, Nathan and Rhoda Weiner, Eric and Marianne Loewenthal,
Nancy Grochow Smith, Naomi Teitelbaum Weiner,  Fae Weiner

Remembered by
Martha Weiner Loewenthal and Steve Loewenthal


Jack J. Goode, Sylvia Goode, Nathan J. Golden, Julia Golden, Nathan Weiner,
Rhoda Weiner,
Kurt Loewenthal, Gretl Loewenthal, Susan Lichter

Remembered by
Tracy Goode Loewenthal and Rod Loewenthal


Mitchell Marks, Zelda Marks, Bess Singer, Dorothy Singer, Edith Singer,
Abe Baum, Rena Baum, Stephen Baum, Martin F. Bender, Rose Aach,

Leon Simon, Betty Cowan, Harry Lander, Bonnie Karfeld

Remembered by
Florine and Henry Marks 


Kitty and Gordon Mather, Ammiel  and Payah Prochovnick

Remembered by
Rachel and Craig Mather


Donald Matlin, Sari Mazursky

Remembered by
Eric and Gloria Matlin


Mary (Mimi) Meltzer

Remembered by
Her Family


Barbara Metrick, Jeffrey Grossman, Lael Grossman, Sally Kahan, Isadore Grossman, Leo Kahan

Remembered by
The Metrick Family


Gayle Levy, Burt Lindner, Zorine Lindner, Jack Grossman, Ed Harris, Henrietta Miller

Remembered by
Lynn and Jeff Miller


Irving Rosenberg, Bernard Nasatir, Alyce Nasatir, Shalom Nasatir

Remembered by
Carolyn Rosenberg and Steve Nasatir


Shirley P. Holab, Sidney H. Holab
Janet Nevins, Robert G. Nevins

Remembered by
Nancy Holab Nevins and E. Marc Nevins


Irwin Olenick, Hendy Palmer, Michael Palmer

Remembered by
David and Sharona Palmer


Harry Weiss, Jean Weiss, Joseph Peck, Keenen Peck

Remembered by
Hillary and Kerry Peck and Family


Joseph Graff, Anne Graff, Lawry Graff, Dee Graff, Estyr Pizer, Edwin Pizer

Remembered by
Howard Pizer and Sheila Graff Pizer


Arnold Prager, Edward Frank, Marvin Azriel

Remembered by
The Prager Family


Louis and Pearl Rappin

Remembered by
Penny Brown and Jeff Rappin


Maurice Rattner, Harry Kaplan, Mildred Kaplan, Jean Rattner, Howard Rattner

Remembered by
Adrian, Jennifer and Loren Rattner


Howard L. Rosenberg

Remembered by
Helen, Lauren and Darren Rosenberg


Nancy Leviton, Irving Leviton, Rello Cristea

Remembered by
The Leviton and Salberg Families


Howard Kurland, Gary Kurland

Remembered by
The Ross Family


Samuel Greenberg,  Lucille Greenberg, Clara Sandman, Emanuel Sandman

Remembered by
Lynne and Sheldon Sandman


Joe Scheindel, Selma Zweig, Hyman Zweig

Remembered by
Anita Scheindel


Aaron M. Schmidt, Ann Schmidt, Philip Schmidt, Harry Ginsburg, Pauline Ginsburg

Remembered by
The Schmidt Family


Jerome Kahn, Amelia Kahn, Charles Fox, Elizabeth Fox

Remembered by
Nancy and Philip Schmidt


Jack Schoen, Elana Schoen, Malcom Weiss, Allyn Aach

Remembered by
Shelley Weiss and Alan Schoen


Beatrice Shaffer, Samuel Shaffer, Faye Schreiber Siegel, George Schreiber

Remembered by
Marianne and Morton Schreiber


Alice Ragins, Ernest Taft Senser

Remembered by
Naomi and Jerry Senser


Louis Serota, Robert Wurman, M. D., Vera Wurman, Phyllis Serota

Remembered by
Barbara and Mitchell Serota


Norma Hochberg, Morris Hochberg

Remembered by
Gail and Marc Sherwood


Lois Richman, Ben Rock, Lil Rock, Grover Schiltz, Beverly Schlitz, Charles Sherman,
Jack Sherman, Pauline Sherman, Abraham Shlachter, Bernard Shlachter, Shirley Shlachter

Remembered by
Alan, Gloria and Ruby


Michael C. Shmikler

Remembered by
Elizabeth and David Shmikler


Irving Alter, Jane Alter, Jack Silbert, Liza Silbert

Remembered by Barbara and Jerry Silbert


Devorah Weinstein Pitluk, Shraga Pitluk, Kenneth Pitluk,
Sally Pitluk, Irving R. Silver, Hattie Silver

Remembered by
David Silver and Sharon Pitluk Silver


Max Stern, Lore Stern, Julius Simon, Ruth Simon

Remembered by
Cantor Stuart and Bonnie Simon and Family


Harry Goldsmith, Julius Simon, Ruth Simon

Remembered by
Lee and Shirley Simon


Henry Rosenberg, Lee Rosenberg, Golda Meyers, Harry Meyers,
Naomi Levine, Bernie Levine, Ida Small, Jack Small

Remembered by
The Small Family


Ruth and Leonard Levin, Arlene and Gerald Henslin, Marryl Sulibit

Remembered by
Barbara and Jay Statland


Albert Stavish, Alberta Stavish, Michael Stavish

Remembered by
Jim Stavish


Dan Strubel

Remembered by
Rosette Strubel and Family


Amy Sussman Scherr, Richard Earl Nathan, Joseph Charlat,
Clara Charlat, Dave Nathan, Rhoda Nathan, Harold Sussman, M.D.

Remembered by
Karen and Jason Sussman and Family


Lila Fernandez, Theodore Rose, Charles Swibel, Seena Swibel

Remembered by
Sheryl and Larry Swibel


Samuel Kersten, Jr., Elaine Kersten, Herbert Swimmer, Marilyn Swimmer

Remembered by
Linda, Alan, Jamie, Allison and Hillary Swimmer


Dr. Robert Tam, John and Tillie Tam, Markus and Mildred Simon
Jule Jacobson, Doris Jacobson, Bradley Weisbond

Remembered by
Aaron Tam, Andrea Weisbond, Elizabeth Tam, Faith Brasch,
Dr. Susan Guralnick and Jessica Tam


Sophie Stein, Jack Stein, Fay Teitelbaum, Fred Teitelbaum, Shirley Dorfman,
Steven Alan Teitelbaum,
Rose Schoen, Phillip Schoen

Remembered by
Roberta and Harvey Teitelbaum


Norman P. Stein, Florence T. Stein, Hyman S. Tish, Sophie H. Tish,
Morris Tish, Suzanne H. Tish, Martin M. Harris, Esther Segall Harris
Nathan Millner, Lillian Millner, Gail Skolnick, Zan Skolnick

Remembered by
The Tish Family


Sye Unell

Remembered by
Peggy Unell, Charlie Hodson and Eric and Jared Hoffman


Sigi Veit

Remembered by
Ruth Veit, Barry and Julie Veit, Deb (Veit) and Loren Hutter


Elliott and Heidi Levy

Remembered by
Jeff and Lynn


Dr. Richard Burnstine

Remembered by
Debbie (Burnstine) and Gary Walt


Howard and Belle Waxman

Remembered by
Jeff and Lynn


Samuel DeNosaquo,  Norman and Anita DeNosaquo,
Jack, Bess  and William Jacobson, Jack Silber

Remembered by
Jenny and John Wilson


William B. Salkover, Edward S. Witzel, Henelee G. Witzel

Remembered by
Wendy and Stuart Witzel


Anne Ellis, Irving Ellis

Remembered by
The Wolf Family


Edward Epstein

Remembered by
The Youderian Family and The Epstein Family


Mark Zeal

Remembered by
Steve and Judi Zeal


Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781