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Hebrew Step-By-Step

Reading through these suggestions for how to best use this program the first couple of times that you access this page will make the process of studying your Hebrew easier and more effective:

  • Please click on the packet numbers below to access exercises that will help teach and reinforce the Hebrew letters and vowels that you are currently studying in class.  This will work on a computer, tablet and/or smartphone.  
  • We highly recommend that you utilize the audio recordings and toggle between the tabs on your browser to be able to scroll through the Hebrew packets while listening to the recordings once you get to those pages.​​​​​​
  • In order to do this, please open a tab with the Hebrew packet you are working on (1-8) below and open a second tab for audio by going back to this page and opening up the mp3 by clicking on the correct page number to the right of the packet numbers.  
  • Toggle back to the tab with the Hebrew packet to read the text while listening to the audio.   
  • Please see the special notes at the bottom of this webpage for a little more information on our self-paced Hebrew program.

Hebrew Letters: Bet, Mem, Shin, Tet          Vowels: Kamatz & Patach

Packet 1       p. 11        p. 17        p. 22       p. 27

Hebrew Letters: Heh, Kaf, Lamed, Resh

Packet 2       p. 5          p. 7          p. 13       p. 24       p. 27       p. 32       p. 37

Hebrew Letters: Aleph, Vet, Dalet, Vav, Chaf           Vowel: Sh'va

Packet 3       p. 5          p. 7          p. 14       p. 18       p. 22       p. 27       p. 31     p. 34     p. 41

Hebrew Letters: Tet, Yud, Nun, Nun Sofit, Tzadee & Kuf     Vowel: Chee'reek

Packet 4       p. 5          p. 9          p. 17       p. 19       p. 27       p. 29       p. 33     p. 37     p. 40

Hebrew Letters: Gimel, Chet, Mem Sofit, Samech & Ayin

Packet 5       p. 5          p. 9          p. 14       p. 16       p. 20       p. 28       p. 30     p. 34     p. 36      p. 41

Hebrew Letters: Zayin, Chaf Sofit, Pay, Fay & Sin    Vowel: Se'gol

Packet 6       p. 5          p. 8          p. 11       p. 17       p. 19       p. 23       p. 25     p. 29     p. 31     p. 35    p. 37     p. 43

Hebrew Letters: Fay Sofit & Tzadee Sofit    Vowels: Tze're, Cholem, Cholem Vav, Kibbutz & Shu'rek

Packet 7       p. 5          p. 8          p. 13      p. 18       p. 20        p. 25       p. 29     p. 31     p. 38

The Tricky Bits (Including Kamatz Katan and the "Ach" sound at the end of the word)

Packet 8       p. 4          p. 6          p. 9        p. 16       p. 19        p. 23

Special Notes

One of the most versatile tools we can provide our students to help them foster a connection to Judaism is the ability to decode (read) Hebrew words.  Above each packet are the Hebrew letters and vowels introduced within that packet. Letters and vowels are reinforced through the remaining packets once they are introduced.  Thank you to Rae Antonoff for teaming with us in this endeavor with the Hebrew Step-By-Step program.  While some of the activities are in theory meant for writing, we recommend that while accessing this material with a screen that you use this program for reading.  Your teacher(s) can send you the PDF's via email or printout for the writing exercises.   

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781