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Kahoot Chug

This week’s portion (I give them the upcoming Shabbat portion) concerns the plagues in Egypt. We talked about the differences and groups of plagues and went into the two Kahoots regarding the history of plagues, what they were, and how it affected Jews and Egyptians.  For example, the plague of darkness, were Jews also in the dark and if an Egyptian lit a candle would he/she see light?

-Written 1-6-19 by Mr. Dennis Gelbart,

Kahoot - Are you a fan!  Well this is the Chug you want to join.  We will Kahoot , Israel questions, about food, culture, religion, your Jewish related questions.  Questions about Jewish History, Holidays, Philosophy, As long as we can clearly define it as a Jewish Topic. We will Kahoot It!  Looking forward to your joining me.  Please click here for a link to the Kahoot website.

-Mr. Dennis Gelbart,

Wed, January 23 2019 17 Shevat 5779