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Legacy Giving

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, along with the Grinspoon Foundation, offers an exceptional program to help Jewish organizations develop legacy giving.  We were one of fifteen organizations in Chicago that was selected to participate in this program which will help develop planned giving among our congregants.  There are several different ways to include Am Yisrael in planned giving: wills, IRA’s, life insurance, to name a few.  

We are truly honored to have been chosen to participate in this program.  We exceeded our initial goal of thirty six commitments over two years, and were invited to participate in two more years of the program!  This will give us further tools for developing this important piece of the future of Am Yisrael, and there are additional incentive grants. To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Nancy Holab Nevins at

Please remember AmYisrael in your will or estate planning.

We thank the thoughtful and generous congregants who have committed to our Legacy Program:
James and Marcia Adelman
Jeffrey I. Bleiweis
Rebecca Brodsky
Stuart Brodsky
Joel F. Brown

David Buffen
Marilyn Cohen
Alexander Drapatsky
Melissa Drapatsky
Sheryl Dworkin
Jordan Feiger
Glenn Ferencz
Laura and Jay Friedel
Wendy Freimuth
Aryn Froum
Theodore Froum
Anat Geva and Josh Strauss
Vera Ginburg
Margaret Richek Goldberg
Ralph M. Goren
Deanna Silver Jacobson
Mark C. Jacobson, M.D.
Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin and Daniel Kamin
Donald H. and Gloria Z. Kraft
Alan Levy
Julie Levy
E. Marc Nevins and Nancy Holab Nevins
Richard Nugent
Bonnie Podolsky
Howard and Renee Schickler
Alan J. Schoen
Cantor Stuart Simon
Florence T. Stein z"l

Lynn Steinberg
Julie Strauss
Aleeza Strubel and Yaron Iram
Roberta Teitelbaum
Michelle Weiss
Stuart E. Witzel
Judi Zeal
Steve Zeal
anonymous (11)

Thoughts From Our Legacy Donors

"We believe the ruach at Am Yisrael helps ensure that Judaism will remain vibrant for generations to come.  When our days here are over, we want to leave one last gift to the congregation that has given so much to us and our children."  Deanna and Mark Jacobson

"Our congregation is special to us because of its willingness to try new things and meet members where we are, rather than trying to force us into an outdated mold.
Am Yisrael has nurtured and become a second home for our family, and we want to make sure that it is able to do the same for generations to come."  Laura and Jay Friedel

 "Am Yisrael is a small, close-knit Jewish community committed to meeting the spiritual needs of its members.  The 
services are progressive and egalitarian and full of spirit and joy.  It provides a first-class Jewish education and treats all members with respect.  My parents were founding members of Am Yisrael.  It was important to them that Am Yisrael be there for me and my children.  Likewise, it is important to me that Am Yisrael be there for my children and their children." 

Melissa and Jeff Bleiweis                      




"We chose to make Am Yisrael part of our estate plans because it was an easy way to support the community that’s been so important to us. From the beginning, the synagogue has been a warm, welcoming and comfortable space for celebration, worship, education, and friendship. We want to be sure that even after we’re gone, our children will see how we’ve tried to take care of the Jewish institution that has taken care of us." Aryn and Ted Froum



"Am Yisrael is special to us for many reasons.
-It is like a second home to us-we feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease in the community-we have commented many times over the years how lucky we feel that we feel so connected to our synagogue.
-It has been a big part of our lives for 10 years and our children have grown up here.
-It has given our children and our family a strong connection to our faith and to our Jewish community
-We have made so many wonderful friends here.
Am Yisrael has given us so much that we'd like to give something back. We haven't been able to donate as much as we want over the years and this is a good way to do that. We want to make sure that Am Yisrael stays a strong, 
vibrant congregation and is around for future generations." Becky and Stuart Brodsky


" For us, Am Yisrael is a place of spiritual growth  and community. We feel that its unique culture should continue, and part of our legacy is its support. Am Yisrael Chai!" Marcia and Jim Adelman


"Am Yisrael is special to me and my family because of the warm feeling we get every time we walk in the building. The Clergy, Staff and Community make it a wonderful fit for what we need in a Synagogue. The School for Jewish Studies is place that continues to impress us with its progressive and modern way of educating the students. We truly 
enjoy being members.  Right now estate planning is something that is mainly focused on my young children in the hopefully unlikely event something happens to us. However, this Legacy Program made it easy to participate and allowed us to do so at a level that is now comfortable for us. The foundation gift was a nice way that we felt by committing now would benefit the synagogue for the long-term. Hopefully one of these days we will be able to commit to a much larger gift as our children get older and become less reliant on us." Shelley Weiss and Alan Schoen



Thu, July 20 2017 26 Tammuz 5777