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Passover Haggadah e-Sourcebook

Please click here to access the Hebrew and English text to the 17 page printable Passover Haggadah Sourcebook.  Please print document, staple and keep in a safe place. 

Below are the audio recordings, page numbers in PDF and tiers for each song, blessing or prayer.  We recommend that you begin with Tier I, then Tier II, then Tier III and finally Tier IV.  Please note that N/A means there is no chanting expected of our students within the context of this Sourcebook.

Part of Seder #, Name of Song, blessing or prayer Page in Passover Haggadah Sourcebook (link above) Link to audio recording Tier
Intro Song -The Order of the Evening 2 Intro Song audio II
1. Kadeish 3 Kadeish audio IV
2. Urchatz 4 Urchatz audio N/A
3. Karpas 4 Karpas audio I
4. Yachatz 4 Yachatz audio N/A
5a. Maggid - Ha Lachma Anya 4 Ha Lachma Anya audio IV
5b. Maggid - The Four Questions 5 Four Questions audio II
5c. Maggid - Avadim Hayinu 5 Avadim Hayinu audio II
5d. Maggid - The Ballad of the Four Children (English) 6-7 Four Children audio I
5e. Maggid - V'Hi She'am'da 7 V'Hi She'am'da audio III
5f. Maggid - The 10 Plagues 7 10 Plagues audio II
5g. Maggid - Dayyeinu 8 Dayyeinu audio I
5h. Maggid - B'chol Dor Va-dor 8 B'chol Dor Va'Dor audio III
5i. Maggid - First half of Hallel 8 First Part of Hallel audio N/A
6. Rochtzah - Washing hands 8 Roch'tzah audio I
7. Motzi - First blessing over matzah 9 Motzi audio I
8. Matzah - Second blessing over matzah 9 Matzah audio I
9. Maror - Bitter Herbs 9 Marror audio I
10. Koreikh - Sandwich of bitter herbs (without blessing) 9 Koreikh audio N/A
11. Shulchan Oreikh - "The table is ready" (Meal) 9 Shulchan Oreikh audio N/A
12. Tzafun - Dessert - Afikomen 9 Tzafun audio N/A
13a. Bareikh - Grade after the meal (First Blessing) 9 Bareikh audio IV

13b. Bareikh - Eliyahu Hanavi -Elijah the Prophet

10 Eliyahu Ha'Navi audio I
14. Hallel - Songs of praise (continued) 10 Hallel audio N/A
15a. Nirtzah - Conclusion, L'shana Haba-ah 10 L'shana Ha'ba'ah audio I
15b. Nirtzah - Concluding songs - Echad Mi Yodei-ah - Who Knows One? 10-13 Echad Mi Yodea audio III
15c. Nirtzah - Adir Hu 14 Adir Hu audio III
15d. Nirtzah - Chad Gadya 15-17 Chad Gadya audio III


Revised 3-3-2021, 19 Adar 5781

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781