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Practicing Tefillah

Please Click on the name of the prayer to listen to the mp3 and the page number in our Siddur Lev Shalem is listed.  For easy access, if you do not have a copy of our Siddur with you, please click next to the name of the prayer on the word "Text" for a PDF of the page in the Am Yisrael SJS Siddur, that we use in our classes in the School of Jewish Studies.

Morning Blessings page 103   Text

Baruch She'amar page 122  Text

Shochein Ad page 147 Text

Shochein Ad Musical Version page 147 Text

Yishtabach page 148  Text

Chatzi Kaddish page 148   Text

Barchu pages 149-150  Text

Eil Adon page 151  Text

Kadosh/Or Chadash page 153  Text

Shma, V'Ahava page 155  Text

Shma Musical Version V'havta Text

Shma: A Re-Creation Text

Vayomer page 156  Text

Mi Chamocha, Tsur Yisrael page 158 Text

Opening Blessings of Amidah page 159  Text

Torah Service page 168  Text

Shma, Echad, Gadlu page 171  Text

Torah Blessings page 172  Text

Chatzi Kaddish page 174   Text

Blessing before the Haftorah page 175  Text

Blessings after the Haftorah page 175  Text

Ashrei pages 181-182  Text

Returning the Torah pages 183-184  Text

Ein Keiloheinu page 204  Text

Aleinu pages 205-206  Text

Adon Olam page 211  Text

Kiddush for the Shabbat Midday Meal page 77  Text

Friday Night Kiddush page 55   Text

Ahavat Olam page 40 Text

Hashkiveinu page 45 Text

V'Shamru page 46 Text

Adonai S'fatai page 47 Text

Oseh Shalom page 54 Text




Shabbat Morning Siddur Tefillah Texts

Friday Evening Siddur Tefillah Texts

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780