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Thoughts from Our Members...

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“Belonging to Am Yisrael has profoundly changed me as a Jew.”    

“Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin continues to inspire us with her leadership and her ability
to communicate with us as congregants and friends. Her thought provoking sermons generate conversations among our family members…We feel fortunate to have her
as our rabbi.”

“We joined Am Yisrael because we were looking for a synagogue where we could feel
a sense of family belonging and not just be pro forma members.  Over the years the congregation has indeed become like a family to us.”

“Am Yisrael has enabled me to deeply appreciate my Jewish spirit.”

“Being a part of the Am Yisrael family has strengthened my children’s Jewish identity.”

“We are continually impressed by the ways in which the congregation has shown its commitment to both tradition and innovation by experimenting with new programming and new approaches to prayer.”

“Rabbi Frankel left us all a tremendous legacy in Am Yisrael.  I love the cozy, haimish atmosphere on Shabbat mornings.”

“To me, Am Yisrael represents the best of synagogue life.  Its culture is open and welcoming and makes people feel comfortable.  It is also a synagogue that seeks to take care of those in need.”

"Am Yisrael is like a lovely, warm blanket, which surrounds me with love and support."

From the Rabbi...

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Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781