Founding and Early Members

In 1968 Rabbi William Frankel and a small group of devoted families founded Am Yisrael Congregation.  It is our hope to uphold the values upon which this congregation was founded: open-mindedness, equality, fairness and a thirst for knowledge and understanding. We honor our founders and all they created.

Rabbi William*  and Toby* Frankel 

First Board of Trustees (Feb. 25 1968)
Jack Adatto*
Orville Berkson*
Ken Berliant
Myron Berman*
Marvin Bernstein*
Julian Bloom
Richard Burnstine*
Mort Doblin*
Herman Dubin*
Irwin Frank
Sheldon Goldberg*
David Gomberg*
Al Goodman*
Bernard Greenwald*
Herbert Hazelkorn*
Arnold Levy*
Marvin Miller*
Gerald Mullin
Leonard Mitchell
Gerhard Nothmann
Michael Palmer*
Marvin Rozner
Al Star*
Arthur Weil*

President: Arthur Weil*
Treasurer: Sol Bleiweis*
Secretary: Gloria Rozner

Other Founding and Early Members:
Tobey and Jack* Adatto
Judy and Neil Adelman
Carmela* and Emanuel* Arbel
Esther and Ken Berliant
Harriet and Myron* Berman
Mae* and Marvin* Bernstein
June* and Sol* Bleiweis
Rochelle* and Sid* Brottman
Sima and David* Browne
Ann and Richard* Burnstine
Arline* and Mort* Doblin
Mona* and Herman* Dubin
Judy and Arnold* Dworkin
Marsha and Ben* Emanuel
Lena* and Irwin (Bud)* Feinstein
Harriet* and Sheldon* Goldberg
Alice and Al* Goodman
Morris Goodman*
Lois* and Hirsch* Graff
Gloria* and Don* Kraft
Eunice Chervony Lehrer and Abe* Chervony
Horty and Joe* Levkovitz
Trude* and Sherwin Marks
Maia and Gerald Mullin
Hendy* and Mickey* Palmer
Judy and Aaron* Schmidt
Bernice Slutzky*
Esta and Al* Star
Irvina* and Sherwyn* Warren
Rochelle* and Arthur* Weil
Jeanne* and Sylvan* Ziven