Cantor Simon Tribute Book

Sunday, March 10 - Monday, April 15, All Day

We invite you to submit a few words to let Cantor Simon know how he touched your life.
The Tribute Book will be private – for Cantor Simon only, so share your thoughts without reservation.
Feel free to submit a photo of you and/or your family.
If your children went through B-Mitzvah or Confirmation with Cantor Simon, please encourage them to submit their thoughts and then/now photos. Or send us their email address and we will send them the link.
The Tribute Book will be presented to Cantor Simon at the event in his honor on Sunday, June 2.
The deadline for submissions is April 15.
If you wish to make a donation towards our fundraising efforts, it will be appreciated, but it is not a requirement.
Use the form below to submit your thoughts.
Questions? Suggestions? Thoughts? Contact Nancy at
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