Covid-19 Pop Up Vaccine Clinic

Sunday, November 21, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Covid Clinic – Sunday, Nov. 21
10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.
At Am Yisrael
For children ages 5 through 11 years
Open to the community

Adult Moderna booster shots will also be available.
Advance registration is required.

Click here to register for your booster or for your child/ren.

Adults ages 18 and older are eligible for boosters if they have had their second shot on or before May 21.  We only have Moderna available, but it is ok to have that booster even if you had Pfizer or J & J for your first two shots or shot.

We are excited to announce that through the generosity and kindness of our members, Dr. Mark and Deanna Jacobson, we are able to offer another opportunity to provide vaccines for children ages 5 through 11  in the synagogue building. 

Dr. Jacobson is board certified in allergy, asthma and immunology and has been in private practice in Hinsdale for over 25 years. He has supervised the administration of more than 1,000 COVID-19 shots to adults without incident.

Mark and Deanna have been members of Am Yisrael for about ten years and are regular fixtures in the building and at many activities. Their commitment to and love of Am Yisrael is familiar to everyone who knows them. It is this dedication that motivated them to provide this great service to us. We hope that you and your children will find it comforting to get vaccines in our friendly and welcoming building.

Please be sure to include your email address when you register as we use this to provide you with important information.

While Dr. Jacobson, and one other professional will be administering the vaccinations, we will need some Am Yisrael members to volunteer to help collect the paperwork, fill in the vaccination cards and take temperatures. Volunteers must be fully vax’d and wear a mask the entire time.

Click here to volunteer to help.

Click here to register for the vaccine.

• Children must be at least 5 years old but not yet 12 years old.
• Please sign up for a 15 minute block. Use one line for each child.
• A parent must stay with the child during the shot and for the 15 minute observation period after vaccination. While the risk of an immediate reaction is very low, the CDC requires that everyone wait for 15 minutes after receiving the shot.
• Please bring your insurance card. There will be no charge to you (with or without insurance coverage) but we will be billing your insurance if you have it. If you do not have insurance, please bring identification.
• Everyone attending the pop up must be masked, and in accordance with Am Yisrael policy, vaccinated if over 12 years old.
• If your child has been signed up for a time slot but has been exposed to COVID in the prior week, please cancel the appointment and wait for a healthier time to be vaccinated.
•We will have information about the second dose at the clinic.
• All Am Yisrael children will be permitted to leave their regular SJS classes or activities for whatever time is needed.


Q: What if my child has a fever that day?
A: Per CDC guidelines, if your child’s temperature is over 98.9, please choose a healthier time for the vaccination.

Q: What if my child was exposed to a known COVID case this week? My child was near a sibling/family member of someone who has COVID?
A: Please wait until it is clear your child does not have COVID.

Q: What type of response can I expect if my child has an adverse reaction to the shot?
A: In the highly unlikely event of an adverse reaction, we will have epinephrine and other emergency supplies on hand, and 911 will be called to be at the ready. International experience has shown this to be exceptionally rare.

Q: Can a grandparent/guardian/friend bring a child for the vaccination?
A: As long as the adult accompanying the child is legally responsible and permitted to sign the waiver, that is fine. We do not recommend having adult friends bring your child.

Q: What about the second dose?
A: We will have information about that at the clinic.