Reading the News Through Jewish Eyes-Joel Brown

Thursday, July 18, 7:30 pm

Since the Hamas attacks of October 7, U.S. news coverage of issues critical to Jewish communities — the explosion of domestic anti-Semitism, perspectives on the Hamas incursion and related war in Gaza, and protests on U.S. campuses and elsewhere — have often been rife with skewed or biased perspectives marked by incomplete information or lacking nuance and context, and sometimes tilting to outright dis-information. We may not be able to change the daily news, but we can read the news with more critical eyes, and we can improve the quality of our media consumption.

Joel Brown, a board member of The Forward (and longstanding congregant and past President), will lead an interactive presentation and discussion on the current role of Jewish American media in our country, and how the foundational attributes of the U.S. Jewish media can serve to expose the core drivers, strengths, weaknesses and limitations of U.S. secular media. He will also provide answers to the following questions: What makes journalism like davening? And why is the U.S. Supreme Court like a bowl of applesauce? This one night session will be in-person only, with no streaming options, so as to best promote the free interchange of ideas and reactions within a supportive community.

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Reading the News Through Jewish Eyes

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