Second Passover Seder, led by David Lerner via zoom

Saturday, April 16, 6:55 pm

Saturday night April 16 at 7:00 p.m.
Log in via the Zoom Programs tab on our website, starting at 6:55 p.m.

Please join your fellow Am Yisrael members as we share together a warm, fun, friendly seder for you and your entire family. Our seder will be slightly abbreviated; don’t worry, we’ll catch all of the highlights, and definitely be singing your favorite songs.

We will provide an abbreviated Haggadah for you: a PDF for you to print out, or to view on your computer screen aside the zoom Seder. Just click here. Of course, you may follow along in your own Haggadah, if you choose. You need not prepare a Seder plate for yourself, or a fancy dinner – but you’re welcome to do so at your own home. And four cups of wine are highly recommended! This Seder will be super easy and super fun.

Also, we encourage you to bring to your computer any favorite Passover items, such as a kiddush cup or matzoh cover, that you would like to show and share with everyone. We will set aside time in the service for those who wish to share these items, or sweet memories of Passovers past.

We are asking for RSVP’s and if you would like to invite family or friends that are not Am Yisrael members, they are welcome! Please scroll down to sign up for the second seder.

During the break of the Seder we will separate into breakout rooms for more intimate meal time conversation. Then we will reconvene for the conclusion of the Seder.

If you have any questions, please contact David at

Chag Sameach!