Wilson Reading System Lessons (5) taught by Natasha Bodansky


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Wilson Reading System is an evidence-based highly structured multi-sensory reading intervention designed for individuals (8 y.o. to adults) with severe reading deficits (such as dyslexia). This lot consists of five 60 minutes lessons provided by a Level 1 Wilson Certified instructor (Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner). The first lesson will be used for evaluation of the student decoding and encoding using WADE (Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding). Please note that these lessons are specifically designed for individuals with dyslexia and/or dyslexia-like reading deficits. 
Natasha and her family are members of Am Yisrael.  She was our Music Teacher for a number of years and is now a Wilson Certified Instructor. 
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Donated by Natasha Bodansky.